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What Do You Get for a 0% Listing Commission?

1. Savings

It is as simple as it sounds. Use a Listed.com Realtor® to sell your home, and pay 0% Listing Commission and save thousands of dollars.

In a typical home sale, a 6% real estate commission is split equally between the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. That means 3% goes to the buyer’s commission and the other 3% to the Listing Commission. With Listed.com though, the home seller saves the 3% Listing Commission. For example – if you sold your home for $300,000 with a Listed.com Realtor®, you could save $9,000!

2. Expertise

A typical listing agent is responsible for every touch in the transaction: valuation, marketing, contracts and more. At Listed.com there is a whole team of experts who each have specialized roles, and they are working together to sell your home. This means you get expertise at every stage of the process.

The Listed.com Team of Experts consists of:

  • The Listing Agent, who manages the transaction of selling your home.
  • The Valuation Expert to determine the value of your home to set the competitive price.
  • The Marketing Director to handle implementation of the Listed.com Active Marketing Plan.
  • The Real Estate Attorney, who reviews all contracts and offers to make sure you are protected.

This type of specialization creates a hassle-free experience for you, while also saving you thousands.

3. Listed.com Active Marketing Plan

Marketing sells, and homes are no exception to this concept. Our Active Marketing Plan gives Listed.com homes a way to stand out amongst the competition.

The average real estate agent does two things when listing a home: they upload the property to the MLS, and a real estate sign goes up in the yard. Then the agent will wait for the buyers to come to them. At Listed.com, we do not just sit back and hope the offers roll in – we actively market your home to make sure we get more offers and the best offers.

Listed.com’s Active Marketing Plan

  • Portfolio of Buyers: Our TV, radio, and digital advertising have produced a database of tens of thousands of potential Home Buyers – already shopping to find the home of their dreams.
  • Photos: All real estate companies take photos of the homes they list, but Listed.com goes beyond to impress Home Buyers and secure offers.
  • MLS Syndication: We will put your house on the MLS like everyone else, but Listed.com listings are also exclusively displayed on RP Funding's website, RPFunding.com. TV/Radio advertising and sports sponsorships drive thousands of visitors to the site monthly, giving your home maximum exposure.
  • Supercharged Yard Sign: First impressions count! Rather than just show people that pass by that your house is for sale, Listed.com will WOW them with full-color interior photos and give them a number to call or text that will provide them a link to your home’s dedicated website.
  • Single Property Website: Your home will be the star with its own dedicated single property website with no distractions of other homes for sale.
  • Direct Mail Postcard Campaign: Direct mail is still alive and well. Our direct mail campaign will reach potential buyers in surrounding neighborhoods with postcards featuring your home and our text capture technology.
  • Print Collateral: Digital marketing might be the way of the future, but print marketing still can create an immediate, emotional bond with potential Home Buyers. Your home will be featured on flyers, business cards, door hangers, and more used by your Listed.com Agent and left in your house as a takeaway.
  • Digital Advertising: Digital ads through social media and non-real estate websites will reach people where they spend a majority of their time – online. Ads will be retargeted to people who visit your home’s website to keep it top-of-mind helping your home sell faster!

4. Years of Advertising Experience

Robert Palmer built the success of his companies through innovative marketing tactics, and when you list with his company Listed.com, you will also get to tap into his 10+ years of advertising experience. His proven strategy and revolutionary techniques have been constantly improved and researched over the years to provide maximum exposure.

Why Would Listed.com Sell For 0% Listing Commission?


Listed.com sees the lifetime value of a customer. We believe if we do our job well, this will not be your last real estate transaction with us. We are willing to list your home at 0% Listing Commission so that we can earn your trust and future business.


Listed.com is not a charity, but for a limited time, we will lose money now to make money in the future. Once we list 1000 homes and show home sellers that Listed.com is the new way to sell, the promotion will end, and we will begin charging a Listing Commission.


We believe that word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertising and we believe in our customers to help us grow. The 0% Listing Commission offer is a strategic plan to get noticed. Our TV and radio advertising is designed to get the attention of home sellers. When we do our job as advertised, we are betting that our customers are going to tell their friends and that ultimately drives our business.


Listed.com is out to prove a point: that we can deliver a remarkable home selling experience while saving our customers thousands of dollars. Revolutionizing is not cheap. Listed.com is listing homes today with no Listing Commission to better the industry for the future.

The revolution has begun:

Expertise at each stage of the home selling process

Best marketing tools in the industry to showcase your home

Saving thousands of dollars when you sell with Listed.com

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Disclaimer: Limited time offer. 0% listing commission does not include buyer's agent commission. $150,000 minimum sales price. 0% Listing Commission offer only available when bundling home buying and home selling services from Listed.com Realtors ®. Offer cannot be combined with any other Listed.com offer(s). Additional terms and conditions apply, call (888) 777-9611 for details.