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Get More Offers and Sell For More When You List Your Home with Listed.com.

Save $5,000-$7,000^ in Closing Costs when you list with Listed.com while attracting more buyers and generating more offers.

When you list your home with Listed.com, you get the support of a team that includes pricing and marketing experts who will position your home to sell fast and for the most money. Listed.com uses proven strategies that will target the right people and find prospective buyers looking in your area.

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Here are the five ways Listed.com will help you make the most money selling your home:

1. Save Money and Help Prospective Home Buyers Save Money: Listed.com will pay Seller Closing Costs* – keeping money in your pocket from the start! Also, when you list with Listed.com potential home buyers can also benefit from savings, increasing demand for your home. Potential home buyers who use RP Funding will also have their Closing Costs paid by RP Funding**. That’s right – Robert Palmer want’s to pay everyone’s Closing Costs! 

2. We Make Your Home the Core of the Campaign: After drawing potential buyers to your home with an eye-catching yard sign showing full color interior photos of your home, your Listed.com agent will connect and follow-up with interested buyers using a text-based lead capture system and unique property code and website. 

We Go Beyond the Front Door: Letting your neighbors know your home is on the market opens the door to their friends and family members looking to buy in your neighborhood. By knocking on doors and circulating flyers, your Listed.com agent will effectively market your home by building powerful relationships throughout your neighborhood.

4. Mail Marketing is More Effective Than Ever: We target potential buyers in strategic areas around your property by mailing postcards and other full-color print materials displaying interior and exterior photos of your house. Your listing is taken directly into the mailboxes of home buyers who may have seen your yard sign or flyers around the community - keeping your home front and center.

5. We Expand Beyond Home Buying Sites to Reach Online Buyers: In today’s digital world, people live on the Internet, so that is exactly where your Listed.com agent will follow them. We run targeted digital marketing campaigns featuring ads for your home on top sites and social media platforms. Once a buyer shows interest in your home by visiting your dedicated single-property website, they will be retargeted and continue to see your ad on websites they visit for weeks to come.

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* OFFER TO PAY SELLER CLOSING COSTS: Additional terms and conditions apply, call for details. Listed.com will issue a credit at closing for the amount of Owner's Title Insurance, Doc Stamps on Deed, Settlement and Recording Fees. Additional limitations to the credit may apply when used in conjunction with any other Listed.com offer(s). Offer to pay Seller Closing Costs requires use of Listed.com listing agent and minimum sale price of $150,000 to qualify.

** OFFER TO PAY HOME BUYER CLOSING COSTS ON LISTED.COM LISTINGS: Additional terms and conditions apply, call for details. RP Funding will issue a lender credit at closing for the amount of closing costs on loan. Lender credit will include the following fees: lender fees, government recording charges, documentary stamps, intangible taxes, appraisal fee, and title charges. Appraisal fee paid by purchaser up-front but fully credited at closing. Lender credit does not include rate discount costs/discount points, prepaid items (including mortgage insurance premiums, interest, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and any escrow accounts), or the payment of a mobile notary fee if the selected closing agent has an office which serves the area, or additional non-standard services requested by the purchaser. Included Closing Costs are paid in the form of a lender credit at closing. Additional limitations to the lender credit may apply when used in conjunction with any other RP Funding offer(s). Consumer may choose not to impound escrows. In such an event additional costs may apply. Offer to pay Closing Cost on purchase on a Listed.com listing requires use of RP Funding mortgage to qualify.

^ Savings will vary based on purchase price. Savings based on the average home selling prices of homes in the five largest metropolitan statistical areas of Florida.